Tebogo Malebogo 

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Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Canada, Kenya, and South Africa, Tebogo Malebogo is a writer/director/producer currently based in Cape Town. The son of a diplomat, his itinerant childhood exposed him to myriad cultures which inform his work today. Tebogo is interested in exploring what it means to be a first generation African born abroad, and characters who wrestle with a need to belong.

Petrus Van Staden

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Raised in the middle of nowhere, South Africa, Petrus and his sister often went into the surrounding woods to meet up with their imaginary friends - from fairies in the sky to the three little pigs - these are the same friends that got blamed for messy rooms or naughty adventures. A passion for the imagination and a need to change the world led him into storytelling where he has been mostly producing and editing various multi-media content.

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